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Steps to Grab your Prospect's Attention
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What kind of Relationship would your company rather have with your target group?

Prospective Customer
Occasional Consumer (Customer)
Loyal Customer (Client)

You can advance the relationship between your company and your target group using a wide array of services and products that will cause your prospective client to be curious about your services.


With the aid of Visual Identity items such as:

Printed Media (flyers, brochures)
Online Marketing (banner marketing campaign, targeted articles)
Offline Marketing (newspaper and marketing ads)
Website Optimization
Digital Presentations

These items will allow your prospective customers to discover your services and what your company has to offer. Excelling in these areas is imperative as they will be a measure of the professionalism of your company and hence generate trust in your prospective client while they are in the process of learning about your company.

Also, once a prospect has become a customer it is important to maintain outstanding customer service. This would include providing them with other quality materials to reward them for using your services and at the same time trigger the sale of additional items such as:

Conference ID Cards

This will remind them that your products are necessary. It is necessary to keep in mind that prospects also like to test your customer service before making a purchase, and providing a good image during their decision-making process is of much importance.


Keeping your business on the radar screen of your targeted market is necessary in order to keep a steady flow of prospective customers. You want to be recognized and bought by your prospective customers (target group); demonstrate new products, gain new prospects, increase revenue and expand your client base. In order to accomplish these goals, it is necessary to show the advantages of your products and services in the market with the following methods:


Primarily, your company must provide an excellent product and service, and secondly, deliver promotional and identity material. This material's goal is to be easily remembered and to help customers find your product. It can be a label or the professional package that wraps your product--the importance lies in its effectiveness and consistency with all your marketing channels.


Competition is a fact, and other businesses are looking to expand as well. Keeping your company on top will help you in advancing your reputation. Keep your customer updated about new products and show them how their investment in them is relevant to their success.

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