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Corporate Identity Analogies
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Visual Corporate Identity (your company's logos, stationery, and the rest of the visual communication system) is the most evident aspect of the Corporate Image. Let's explain that with the following analogies:


Imagine your company as an iceberg. The complete iceberg (including the underwater part) is the whole corporate image. The tip of the iceberg is the Visual Corporate Identity, and the underwater part corresponds to the intangible features of the company (its history, personality, philosophy, goals, and achievements). Although we cannot see the underwater part of the iceberg, it is still there--it does exist.

The underwater part of the iceberg is the basis (the foundation) of the structure, but the tip is what makes it noticeable. If there is no tip, you cannot perceive that there is an iceberg, no matter how big the underwater part is.


Now imagine that your company is a person. Here, the Corporate Image is what the senses can perceive of that person. The image is composed of the tangible features (visual identity) and intangible features.

The visual identity of the person is defined mostly by his/her appearance (face/body features and condition, health, cleanliness, up-to-date fashion, quality of material and condition of the apparel/footwear/accessories, color choices, makeup, and hair style).

The intangible features of that person are composed of his/her feelings, moods, spiritual and human values, beliefs, thoughts, cultural heritage, skills, knowledge, goals, and achievements. Those, in turn, affect the person's attitude (tone of voice, body language - facial expressions, gestures, posture, behavior (manners and protocol handling), and spoken and written language management. We know that one important key to success is having a winning attitude and looking like a winner.

Because you are aware of your good qualities, you are already self confident. Add a good appearance to that and you will project a strong, trustworthy image that will help you achieve your goals. In conclusion, it is possible to improve your corporate image by enhancing your visual identity.


Now your company is a book. The book's visual identity is the design of the cover and pages of the book. That identity is defined by the color scheme, the arrangement of elements , the text features (typographic fonts, size, style, alignment, spacing, margin width, and paper and printing quality).

The intangible aspects that form the corporate image are the author's intentions and ideas, which are developed through the style, structure, vocabulary, and grammar used in the book. But to be a best-seller, a book must first gain a potential reader's attention from the display cabinet due to its well-designed cover. After the reader has bought and read the book, he/she will know if the book is really good.

That is how first impression works. If the book really is good, it will eventually become a best seller. But to achieve that, the book needs to be visually outstanding, encouraging its purchase by the first customers, who will help it to become famous by spreading the word about the book after they have bought and read it.

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